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Electricity and Kids

Electricity and Kids Electricity has been an amazing human achievement. With the provision of electricity to power our homes, it has made life very comfortable. With this comfort, comes a level of danger for both adults and children if not handled safely and with a...

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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips Saving on your electricity bills can be a priority that lot’s of people have no idea how to achieve. The first thing is to call Rob at Lightning Bult 9905 8800 Here is an example of what we have done: Have a look at these graphs following a change...

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Why Choose Solar Energy

Why Choose Solar Energy Use less electricity from the grid By using a renewable energy source like solar to generate power, you only have to draw electricity from the grid when you need more electricity than your system can produce. Since you only pay for what you use...

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Do you need Safety Switches

Do you need Safety Switches? You may or may not have heard about safety switches but do you need them? The simple and legal answer is yes. In NSW every householder and business has a legal requirement to keep the users of their power safe from any possible electrical...

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