Security & Fire

Protect your home or business with a range of different options or a combination of all

Alarm System

security alam

We can design, install, monitor and maintain an alarm system to suit your needs Whether its just a simple but reliable local alarm for home or a full blown top end security system Whatever level it’s at you will be able to feel confident that your family or business possessions are safe and secure when your not there


A great way to catch a thief or monitor any situation is with a closed circuit TV system (CCTV)

Would you like to know what’s going on at home or the office when your not there?

Maybe you want to monitor a sleeping baby in another room while you are home

You can view and record all cameras on a PC, TV or wherever else you are you can also view on any smart phone like I do with my own system at work

Security Lighting

Flood lights or any other lights can not only be on an automatic sensor but can also be triggered by an alarm system if you like

Good security lighting around the home or office is the first line of defense against opportunistic thieves. Crime statistics have proven this fact. It takes a pretty dumb thief to try to break into a home or business with a spot light blaring on him

We can get a message to your mobile phone or monitoring company instantly in the event that any of the above systems are activated.


Flat screen TV
We can set up a TV system for you to maximize the convenience of all your devices and pay TV systems

Let’s say your watching Foxtel in the living room and want to continue watching it from the bedroom but you don’t have a second foxtel box – NO worries we just need to set up a couple splitters and some other active equipment to allow you to do it.

Same thing if you have the DVD player in the living room you can watch whatever is playing from any other room that is connected to the system

If you have a CCTV system you can watch and record all camera activity on any TV

We’re here to make your life easier give us a call to see what you can do today