GU10 Downlights


The 240 Volt GU10 Downlight Converter Kit is perfect if your current halogen globes are using too much energy and blowing too often. By installing this converter, you will be able to use 240v GU10 downlights throughout your home. This will substantially reduce the amount of power used to provide lighting in your home, without compromising on the light output. 12v transformers (iron core or electronic) tend to used anywhere between 10-20 watts of power alone! That’s not including the power used by the 50w halogen globe! This fitting allows the use almost any GU10 downlight including 11w CFL Downlight & 9w CFL Downlight replacement bulbs which & provide a comparable strength of light and last up to 10 times longer. This unit can be attached to most existing halogen down light fittings to allow conversion from 12v to 240v. Most fixed and regular tilt fittings are compatible with this adapter. However, some units, such as a full-tilt gimble fitting, may not work with this kit.